Eye-Fi Geo AKA Map of an emo kids bathroom…

31 07 2009

I stumbled upon the Eye-Fi Geo on a gadget site that I frequent. It is a 2Gb SD card for your camera which uses GPS triangulation to Geo-Tag your pictures. In non-nerd this means “I just took me a picture in Germany uh-huh…ahh snap dawg! My computer says I took this picture in Germany dawg!”

This got me thinking, that from my experience with digital photography, most cameras never leave the house. Mind you, this information comes mostly from MySpace browsing.

I would submit to the Eye-Fi company that these cards should be quite precise. I have included some mock-ups and illustrations showing the desired operation:

This table shows a picture, next to its geo-tagged information.

This level of GPS accuracy is necessary for a successful product.




One response

31 07 2009

hahaha i love the emo pictures you found, they look like all the kids from my high school 🙂

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