My weekend and current ambitions.

3 08 2009

This weekend I went to see my beautiful girlfriend in Shelton, WA. It was a ton of fun, and we went to a wedding that was sorta like the movie ‘Coming to America’. Except waaaay cooler than Eddie Murphy. There were a bunch of super cool Africans there and I had a strange root with green sludge that tasted like mild fish.

Kimmi and I also went to see Funny People which it turns out isn’t as funny as it is depressing, but it was still good and we had some delish pizza before!

Kimmi and I took a bunch of pictures with the holga (Holgs) as well as tried to convert her into a makeshift pinholga. (the camera not my girlfriend).

I am currently finishing up Transmorphers. And yes I spelled that right. Its quite a good movie, i recommend it if you hate yourself.

I will put up some pictures and such tomorrow, just because Kimmi has pretty much all of them and she goes to bed waaaay early. 🙂 She happens to have a few up on her blog though, so you should definitely check them out.

I am really wanting to make a stop motion movie, so hopefully that will be in the works today or tomorrow, also Kimmi and I have a “special” video that I will hopefully have up tomorrow. 🙂

Finally, I just want to say that I miss Shelton.  Adios Blogworld for now.




One response

3 08 2009

haha who wouldn’t miss shelton? 🙂 i love that every sentence starts with “kimmi” or involves “kimmi” that’s how it should be. 🙂 hehe. good blog homie 🙂

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