The upcoming beach trip and adventures with my Canon.

4 08 2009

Every year my family makes a trip to Lincoln City, OR and rents a house. Usually about 20 family members show up and its a ton of fun. This last year has been  rough, due to 2 divorces (both my older sister and older brother ended their marriages).  This doesn’t really bother me too much, but it makes the beach trip more interesting…

I just found out today that my brother (36 – 37 ish) is bringing his new girlfriend Shakira (23) to the beach. This is cool for Kimmi and I (Kimmi is also going) because it adds someone with whom we may have some common interest. I however just wanted to paint my initial impressions of this for you, the reader…

This is what first came to mind:

My family with the Shakira Upgrade

My family with the Shakira Upgrade

Next I kinda freaked out and thought that maybe girlfriend would feel a bit starstruck, so i decided that she might want to wear this:

Kimmi's potential costume

Kimmi's potential costume

This idea is still on the table, but I suppose we will play it by ear.

In other news, I did some research on my Canon FT QL:

The classic Canon FT QL

The classic Canon FT QL

I found a scan of the original manual and learned that i can do manual exposures as long as I want. This makes me smile because now I can do lightning storms and stars! Look forward to those soon! You can see some of my first tests with this camera on my Photostream.

Now I just need to purchase a cable release like girlfriend’s, and a new tripod.

I also did a bunch of reading on what lenses this beast can use and found a fisheye lense for it on ebay going for a pretty easy price. I am hoping to win the bid, so I am not saying how much :). Here is a picture of the lense:

15mm Canon FD

15mm Canon FD

It takes pictures like this:

Something in Bratislava

Something in Bratislava

Ok that is all for now! I am off to bed I think. Goodnight!




2 responses

4 08 2009

hehehe. the mask? that’s awesome. is that actually printable?? i just want to hang it on my wall. I hope “shakira” wears an outfit like the one above. How great would that be?

5 08 2009

A couple of things:

1. I really think that Kimmi should wear that mask.
2. Is it really THE Shakira? I know you are a joker so I am not sure whether I should buy into this seriously or if I should be weary of the fact that her parents actually named her Shakira.

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