New cameras, new plans

6 08 2009

I just microwaved a Stouffer’s Panini and now I am going to tell you that I just purchased 2 new cameras for girlfriend and I. They are LOMO cameras. More importantly than that, they are vintage Soviet Union Smena 8m 35mm cameras. The Soviet Union started manufacturing the 8m cameras for hard working communist peons in the 70’s. Lee Harvey Oswald was rumored to have a smena 2 in his apartment when they raided it. Here is a picture:

Smena 8M

Also, today I found 7 rolls of 35mm film that expired in 2006, so I hope it looks awesome! Be sure to check out the most recent roll of canon shots on my flickr feed. Two days until the beach!

Oh yeah, and our new foreign exchange student Theresa just got here, I will post pictures soon, she seems nice, but I think she is terribly bored right now :s




One response

7 08 2009

These are SOOO cool. I’m soooo excited. Is that enough O’s for you? 🙂

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