The beach trip recap.

14 08 2009

I just got back from Lincoln City, OR. My girlfriend had to go home a day early which was sad, but she left at the right time. My family sort of went crazy and started fighting which was embarrassing.  The trip was a lot of fun, we did the typical stuff: we ate at our favorite pizza place, we went to Mo’s on Siletz Bay, and we made our ritual trip to Newport to shop at the stores on the wharf.

I have a few pictures up on my flickr feed for you to enjoy, but just in case you are quite lazy I will show you my favorites:

Kimmi on the beach access stairs. This was a surprise snap I took with the Canon.


This is a hidden passageway that Girlfriend and I found on one of our walks:


This is my attempt to fill up the roll of film in front of Walgreens:


Today (August 14th), I brought my sister to Klamath Falls, OR  to practice with the OIT Hooters soccer team. We had some trouble getting to the right spot, but we arrived there right on time. When we approached the coach he told Ashlyn that they had bumped the practice up to 5 o’clock instead of 6 and that he “should have emailed her”. She was very sad, and I was very angry because it made the trip a lot harder.

Everything worked out in the end. Theresa and Ashlyn played a free game of bowling; Bobby and I had to cheap beers and played a few games of pool, and then we all went to the movies.

We saw “The Collector” which was a gorey and  pretty intense movie from the directory of Saw VI, but more importantly, THERE IS A SAW VI?! Theresa got scared at the end and left, probably because Bobby sneaked around and made her scream in the middle of the theater. It was a pretty typical horror movie.

Tomorrow Ashlyn is getting up at 5 am to practice with the team so this trip won’t have been a huge loss. I hope it goes well and she gets a scholarship!

I would also like to say that I miss my girlfriend right now, and I hope everything works out so that I can go visit her in Pullman in a couple of weeks. It is always sad when we have to go back to school, especially when she has to go back first 😦 I saw one of my professors today who reminded me that my senior project is around the corner. I don’t like being old! Goodnight!




4 responses

14 08 2009

haha I was scared the whole time in the theatre

14 08 2009

haha oh man. this summer has been a good one hasn’t it?? it’s hard to believe we have to go back to doing school work! Boo! 😦

But you will visit, and it will be fantastic, and I will have a fabulous apartment.

All will be superb!
Love you!

14 08 2009

oops. that’s me (kimmi)

14 08 2009

logged into rachels…

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